Commercial Roof Repair 101: Reasons for Repair

Commercial roof replacement is a major investment, typically involving many years of repair bills. If you are installing a new one, it’s important to realize that some roofing issues can be prevented, while others are induced by age and environmental factors. In order to help you prepare for the upkeep of the roof of your house, below is a list of the most common reasons why you may experience problems: inadequate maintenance If a roof is not repaired according to the contractor’s standards, the consistency of its materials slowly declines. Roof care requires regular financial investment, but failure to maintain it may result in more expensive repairs, and may require expensive replacement. Immediately after completion, a maintenance contract should be formed for the building owner to have it checked and repaired periodically.  Checkout Commerical Roofing Frisco TX for more info.

Wind Damage As wind blows over the edge of panels or shingles, a slight vortex can be generated that will destabilize them. Although wind damage is known to occur during hurricane season or tornado storms, it can also occur when winds exceed a reasonable strength (about 60 miles an hour). Properly applied metal edge strips will avoid wind damage on most styles.

Weathering Due to weathering all the roofing materials gradually decline. The rate of decline can be determined by several variables, including: whether the products are organic or inorganic The prevalence of environmental contaminants The existence of airborne salt fluctuation Temperature A roofing contractor will inform you the materials better react to the humid subtropical climate of the region.

Poor design Poor design is a major cause of premature repair and replacement of commercial roofs. That’s why building owners should only employ builders who provide a manufacturer’s warranty-a warranty that guarantees the installation’s workmanship, not just the products used.

Flashing Hazard Flashings are used to prevent water from infiltrating gaps where structures such as chimneys and steam pipes touch on the roof sheet. Flashings are typically the first component of a failing roof structure, and should be closely monitored by regular maintenance.

Metal Edge Strip Risk In aggregate-surfaced structures, edge metal strips and gravel stops are used to shield the edges of flat surface roofs to defend against wind damage. Over time, the stripes in the stripping felts at their edges can undergo fractured joints and splits. It can help to prevent this harm by bringing the strips out of the water line or by creating an internal drainage system.

Improper mounts The inevitable result is that mounts are fixed straight to the wall, breaching the surface, leaks are hard to repair. Sadly, several building owners mount antennas, lights, and other models on the rooftop without that understanding. If an unsuitable mounting causes a problem, the mounting typically has to be removed before the problem can be fixed.

Discussion The above description gives a snapshot of the most common reasons for commercial roof repair. If you need more inspection, repair, or replacement details in your town, please contact a reputable roofing contractor today.